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About Us

Bitcoin International Group (Big) is an innovative financial technology group based on cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Using blockchain as a main foundation to create a global geographical eco-community of ethical products and decentralized trades, we aim to create a truly unique and credible landmark. Based off of the development of investment bankings, M&A technologies and many others combining them into blockchain with entities. We provide support for cryptocurrency guidance, financing, online exchanges and others, hoping to be everyone’s one-stop service business to everyone including individuals, investors and corporate clients.

Bitcoin, liberate your cash

Bitcoin has now become sort of an avant-garde financial tool for many users.

Effective & Efficient

Trading any where, any time in the world at the ends of the world with low or zero cost.

Private & Secure

Scientifically created with cryptography, there is a full guaruntee of personal and financial security of the owner.

The now & The future

Like gold, but virtual. It is a new phenomenon with zero extra fees and part of a future.

Leading financial edge

An easier and earlier access to innovative products of the future with more choices. We are here to let the customers take advantage of the financial development process. With wide networks in the industry and multiple relations, we will be able to provide and advise on capital trading and key growth points helping companies to achieve their strategic goals of leverage with financial technology.